Honored to be picked as Vail's #1 Photo of the Year


And the #1 shot of the 2012/2013 season goes to…Stovall Studio’s shot of a starry night at Mid-Vail! Ric Stovall and Kevin Banker had gone up to take pictures of The 10th Restaurant’s exterior at night. By lucky chance they arrived on a clear night that showcased the blanket of stars above Vail.


Stovall says of the photo: “

We had originally shot the interior photography for the 10th and had plans to come back and shoot the exterior.  The night we were scheduled to create one of our signature dusk images was a new moon and we thought it would be cool to hang out later than normal and try to get the building with a dark starry night.  We lucked out that the Milky Way fell directly behind the restaurant during the early hours of the night and we were able to produce this dramatic image.